Livingston County Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale

We have SOLD OUT all compost bins and rain barrels for this event, only tumblers and accessories are still available. Orders can be picked up on Saturday May 12th

Why Compost?

The goal of the program is to divert food scraps from the waste stream (up to 30% or more by weight is comprised of food scraps and compostable soiled paper and cardboard), and raise the awareness regarding the benefits of compost, which include improving or maintaining high quality soil, growing healthy plants, reducing the use of fertilizer and pesticides, improving water quality and protecting the environment. By adding compost you can conserve water and help improve soil to help hold water in the root zone. Want to learn more about composting? Check out this great video:  Want more information on Livingston County's Recycling Program?  Check us out

Composting substantially reduces landfill waste, enriches the soil, holds soil moisture (saving water by 25-30%!), helps prevent erosion, suppresses weed growth, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, and offers a variety of other benefits. Healthy soils grow healthy food and plants!”

Robert A. Spaulding

DPW/SolidWaste Coordinator

Why Use a Rain Barrel?

Livingston County


There are several environmental benefits associated with rain barrels. Foremost, rain barrels reduce storm water runoff, this is water that does not soak in to the ground and can transport many pollutants to our local waterways. By using harvested rainwater for watering lawns, gardens, potted plants and for washing off patio furniture and tools, rain barrels conserve water. From a gardening perspective, the natural nutrients in rainwater make it far better than tap water, which has chlorine and fluoride in it. With a rain barrel, gardeners can minimize or eliminate their use of chemical fertilizers.

Pick-up Date & Location:

Your order will be ready for pick-up between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM Saturday, May 12 at the Livingston County East Complex 2300 E. Grand River Ave. in Howell


Livingston County East Complex 2300 East Grand River Ave. Howell, MI 48843

Pick-up Hours


9:00 AM — 1:00 PM